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– Help the social integration, personal fullfilment, improvement of the quality of life of the people with special needs, especially with sever physical disabilities.
– Increase the social, educational, and civil status of people with disabilities by granting them access to information and communication technologies and everything they can provide in terms of information, knowledge, and applications.
– Inform representatives of the institutions and professional organizations working with people with disabilities about the potentional of the available assistive technologies.
– Support applied and fundamental research related to assistive and augmenting technologies.


– Insure access to relevant and up-to-date information about the available assistive technologies and their application via a web-site, seminars, workshops, etc.
– Grant information and acces to software, best practices, and devices for people with disabilities.
– Adaptation, testing, and development of methods and software for people with disabilities.
– Study the specific needs of people with disabilites and help and support in the usage of assistive technologies.
– Fund raising via donation campaigns and projects for assistive technology provision.
– Membership in specialized national and international organizations, foundations and institutions related to the problems of people with disabilities.
– Consulting and training for people with disabilities, specialized educational institutions, state intstutions and organizations.
– Dissemination of the results and best practicies in the media.

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